Why Choose Us

I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon that Specialises in all aspects of hip and knee surgery. Having performed over four thousands operations I have established a particular expertise in Joints replacement for the treatment of arthritis and arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery for knee injuries.

I believe in a multifaceted approach to patient care. this means we partner with you to fully understand your condition and how it impacts on your life. We give you highly personalised care, we take time to fully explain your condition and treatment options, and we have a range of easy-to-understand information resources available for you.

You will be cared for by a team of skilled health professionals who work together in a positive, healthy environment, and who are all involved and dedicated in supporting you through your treatment and recovery process.

Latest technology

Anterior Hip Replacement

Anterior Hip Replacement is a minimally invasive hip surgery to replace the hip joint without cutting through any muscles. The surgical procedure involves a small incision in front of the hip, anterior, as opposed to an incision on the side or back of the hip.

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Gender Specific Knee

The Zimmer Gender Solutions NexGen High-Flex Knee Implants compensate for the most important differences between women’s and men’s knees.

A growing body of research has led to breakthroughs in distinctive female and male diagnoses and treatments – for conditions ranging from heart disease to rheumatoid arthritis. The need to account for gender-specific solutions in orthopedics is apparent…

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Patient Specific Knee


Visionaire Patient Matched Instrumentation uses the patient’s own MRI and full leg X-Ray to design cutting blocks specific to that patient.

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Excellence in patient care

I aim to provide the highest standard of care in the treatment of orthopaedic conditions of the HIP and KNEE. Our treatment uses a team approach. Our very early rehabilitation system allows rapid recovery and discharge from hospital with minimal pain. Our focus is on the patient and to tailor treatment to each individual. We use state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based medicine in a friendly and efficient environment.

We use the latest and most appropriate diagnostic modalities, and provide a range of management solutions – from conservative measures to advanced surgical reconstructive techniques. We enlist a team of skilled allied health professionals who work in an environment based on multidisciplinary collaboration and respect. We aim to communicate clearly, and work together with you to achieve the best possible outcome.