Acute Knee Clinic

I run a clinic specifically for patients with an acute knee injury. The aim is to see you as promptly as possible and initiate appropriate management to facilitate an early return to activity.

Why is the health clinic exclusively for acute knee injuries?

Acute cases of knee injuries should be promptly assessed, diagnosed and treated in a timely manner in order to obtain the best outcomes.

Who are the appropriate candidates to attend the acute knee clinic?

Patients who have recently injured their knee, eg weekend sports injury.

What are the advantages of acute knee injury clinic?

An acute knee trauma clinic offers you an early and expert assessment to determine if a significant knee injury has occurred.

Radiological tests such as X-rays, MRI scans, ultrasound, and Doppler study are all easily organized to provide a timely diagnosis.

How do I get an appointment withthe acute knee trauma clinic?

To make an appointment contact us at (02) 4229 9116 and request an appoint with Dr. Bhimani.

Do I need a referral?

No. You can attend without a referral from a GP. However, with out a referral from another doctor you will receive no rebate from Medicare for your consultation.

Who treatsme at the acute knee trauma clinic?

Dr. Aziz Bhimani, an expert knee surgeon, sees patients at the knee clinic.

Where is the acute knee trauma clinic located?

54 Princes Hwy
West Wollongong NSW 2500

How do I get there?

Click here for driving directions and location chart.